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Problems with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module or HQ Camera are almost always fixed with one of the following solutions:

Is your Camera set up and Installed? - Follow our setup guide which is included with camera module

Camera Cable Connection - Re-seating the cable fixes the problem most of the time (as the small cables only have to be slightly out to fail). Try removing and fitting the cable again.

Cable Direction - Another common issue where the metal part of the belt isn't round the right way which means there will be no connection at all. See our setup guide for pictures.

Is the Camera Enabled? - Have you checked that the camera is enabled in the raspi-config settings (sudo raspi-config)?

Is your Software up to date? - Run 'sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt full-upgrade' in a terminal window updated software. 

Are you using the most recent version of Raspberry Pi OS? - Which is 'Buster' at the time of writing. If you're using 'Jessie' or another previous version, you will need to reinstall the SD image, especially when using the HQ camera.

Reboot - Try rebooting your Pi if you've changed the camera while it's switched on. Turn off the camera though first.

Operating System Compatibility - Are you using the Raspberry Pi OS? The camera module is only officially supported by this operating system.

As always if these troubleshooting tips fail please reach out to us 

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