Speakers for Raspberry Pi 400

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Nope! the Raspberry Pi 400 doesn't have the same 3.5mm audio port as the Raspberry Pi 4.

Traditional headphones or 3.5mm wired speakers won't be able to connect to the keyboard but there are some other options below: 

USB Audio Adapter - These adapters plug straight into your Pi400 and allow you to connect headphones or another device via a 3.5mm jack cable 

USB DAC - Much better quality than the USB Audio Adapter. Plugs into any of the USB ports and also offers RCA outputs for connecting to a speaker system line-in.

USB Speakers - Some speakers use just a single USB connection for both audio and power. 

Bluetooth Speakers - The Pi 400 includes a Bluetooth connection, which will allow you to connect most Bluetooth speakers to the keyboard for playing audio. Check out the Vilros Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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